CRC Certification: It Makes a Difference

Certified Rehabilitation Counselors (CRCs) discuss the value and benefits of being CRC certified and the difference it has made in their careers.

The Art of Rehabilitation Counseling

CRCC’s video exploring the unique qualifications and exceptional abilities of rehabilitation counselors and their stories of success working to improve the lives of individuals with disabilities.

CRC View Book

The CRC View Book provides a clear and concise look at the benefits of CRC certification, information about the CRC Exam, and certification renewal. Topics include:

Need Help Preparing for the CRC Exam?

CRC Interactive Practice Test is Available Online!

  • Take online in the comfort of your home or office.
  • Contains one set of 50 items representative of content on a live Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC) Exam.
  • Allows a 72-hour window to take and retake the test.
  • Provides correct answers, rationale, and related references for further study.
  • May be taken in both Test and Study Modes within the 72-hour window.
  • Is available for $39.99 at

For more information go to CRC Exam Preparation.

CRCC Online Tutorials!

To help guide you through the online processes, CRCC has developed several tutorials, one of which can be viewed by clicking on the graphic image below.

Tutorial play buttons are also located on all Continuing Education and Certification Renewal pages throughout the CRCC website, and within the CRCC Online Portal.