Application & Fees

CRCC’s streamlined application process allows applicants to download the entire application packet – including fillable forms – from this website. The completed application, with supporting documentation and fees, must then be submitted by mail to CRCC. Incomplete applications result in a delay in determining eligibility and will delay the applicant’s ability to test in the cycle requested.


The CRC Application Packet Instructions contain step-by-step directions to ensure applicants prepare a complete application packet.
View or Print CRC Application Packet Instructions

CRC Application

CRCC is moving to an online application process.  The online application will become available in the near future.

Additional Required Forms

The balance of the application packet consists of required forms based on the applicant’s submittal category. See the CRC Certification Guide and Application Packet Instructions for more detailed information.




Student Status G Verifies status at a CORE-Accredited program
View or Print Student Status Form

Employment B, D, E, K, R Documents employment experience
View or Print Employment Form

Self-Employment B, D, E, K, R Documents self-employment experience
View or Print Self-Employment Form

Employment for Educators
J Documents employment experience in a Rehabilitation Counselor Education Program
View or Print Educator Employment Form

Supervision B, D, E, R For applicants with 12 months of CRC supervision
View or Print Supervision Form

Provisional Supervision B, D, E
For applicants without 12 months CRC supervision
View or Print Provisional Supervision Form

Provisional Supervision Evaluation B, D, E, R
Form required to be submitted upon completion of activity
View or Print Provisional Supervision Eval. Form

Category R - Provisional Supervision
For applicants without 24 months CRC supervision
View or Print Category R - Provisional Supervision Form
Internship B, E
Verifies 600-hour internship. Category B applicants may verify more work experience in lieu of an internship.
View or Print Internship Form

Test Accommodations Request

All applicants requesting test accommodations must complete this form and attach the required supporting documentation along with their application packet. All requests for exam accommodations are reviewed on a case-by-case basis without penalty. 

For more information on Test Accommodations, please refer to the Test Accommodations page.


The application fee for all application categories is $385. The fee covers both application and examination fees. Applicants deemed ineligible to sit for the exam will receive a refund of $200.

Individuals who choose not to follow through with the CRC certification exam, prior to the first scheduled examination window, may request a refund of $200.  $200 is the portion of the total fee that is related to the cost of the examination.