CRC/CCRC Continuing Education (CE)

CRCC Archived Ethics Webinars

If you missed the 2014 Ethics Webinar Series this spring, CRCC is now offering the same titles in an archived format. Receive up to six pre-approved credit hours of Continuing Education (CE) in Ethics and save money with multiple-webinar discounts!

To maintain certification, CRCs and CCRCs must renew their certification every 5 years via continuing education or, for CRCs only, also via re-examination.

The continuing education requirement mandates that 100 hours of continuing education including a minimum of 10 hours in Ethics - must be completed within the current five-year period. Professional development is NOT a requirement but an option. For CE hours in Professional Development, CRCs/CCRCs may submit a maximum of 50 hours out of the required 100 hours. CRCs/CCRCs must also:

  1. Complete the renewal application received four months prior to the valid-through date on their certificate.
  2. Provide documentation indicating completion of 100 clock hours of approved CE (CEUs), of which 10 must be in Ethics.
  3. Ensure all CE activities for certification renewal fall within designated Focus Areas outlined in the CRC/CCRC Criteria for Certification Renewal and Continuing Education Manual.
  4. Send completed renewal application, continuing education documentation, and non-refundable fees to CRCC.
  5. Include customer number and certification held on ALL correspondence.

Please refer to specific information regarding CE criteria, documentation, and submission as detailed in CRC/CCRC Criteria for Certification Renewal and Continuing Education.

View or Print CRC/CCRC Criteria for Certification Renewal and Continuing Education manual

Please note:

  • Completion dates of CE hours (CEUs) submitted for the current renewal cycle MUST fall within certificant's current five-year period.
  • It is highly recommended that certificants submit continuing education hours as they are completed.
  • CRCC reviews and qualifies all CRC/CCRC continuing education submissions for approval and accumulation towards certification renewal.

CRC/CCRC Pre-Approved Continuing Education

Pre-approved CE programs have been reviewed and approved by CRCC as qualifying for CE credit in advance. As such, pre-approved CE programs require less paperwork for submission and require no submission fees. It is incumbent upon each CRC/CCRC to verify that CE programs have been pre-approved by CRCC.

CRC/CCRC Post-Approval of Continuing Education

CRCC will also approve continuing education activities for CRCs/CCRCs on a post-attendance basis. Such post-approval programs require an additional form and processing fee. To secure CRCC approval after a program has been completed, or post-approval CE, the following application along with documentation of the activity and a $15 fee per program must be submitted to CRCC for review.

View or Print CRC/CCRC Post-Approval CE Application

For organizations interested in providing continuing education programs, go to CE Providers Page.

CRC/CCRC Continuing Education Guide

CRC/CCRC Continuing Education, A Guide To Meeting Your Requirements is a helpful, "at-a-glance" checklist that highlights the types of programs and activities that qualify for CRC/CCRC CE credit as well as the corresponding number of CE hours. It also provides money-saving tips to help proactively manage and minimize continuing education costs. CRCs/CCRCs are encouraged to use the Guide both for planning their CE programs and to check for completed activities that may already qualify for CE credits.

View or Print CRC/CCRC Continuing Education, A Guide to Meeting Your Requirements


CRC/CCRC Home Study CE Programs

CRCC offers two Home Study programs via this website for pre-approved continuing education credit. CRCs/CCRCs may earn up to 10 clock hours in Ethics by successfully completing Home Study I and Home Study II all in the convenience of their home or office.

Go to CRC/CCRC Home Study Programs


CRC/CCRC List of CE Providers with Pre-Approved CE Programs

CRC/CCRC Continuing Education (CE) Providers with Pre-Approved Programs is a list of providers that offer one or more programs that have been reviewed and approved by CRCC as qualifying for CRC/CCRC CE credit. The list is provided in Excel format so it may be easily sorted by provider, method of instruction, etc. The list also includes provider contact information - phone number and/or website URL.

Please note that providers on this list may also offer programs that are NOT pre-approved for CRC/CCRC CE credit, but may qualify on a post-approval basis. Submission for post-approval CE requires an additional form as well as a processing fee (see above). CRCs/CCRCs should contact providers directly for program details and to verify pre-approval status.

View or Print CRC/CCRC CE Providers with Pre-Approved Programs