New CRC Eligibility Criteria

In early 2016, CRCC directed its Standards & Examination Committee to begin a process of reviewing the eligibility criteria for the Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC) certification culminating in a set of draft criteria that would align with the contemporary state of the profession of rehabilitation counseling.  The Committee engaged in an iterative process over the course of the last 24 months, inclusive of a process to seek and review public feedback, resulting in a final set of CRC eligibility criteria. 

CRCC wishes to thank the nearly 900 respondents who took the time to provide valuable comment.  These comments were carefully considered and resulted in a number of modifications and clarifications to the draft criteria. 

Our decisions were guided by the premise that eligibility criteria for national certification are established in a manner that provides a candidate with reasonable exposure to the knowledge necessary to be successful on the national CRC examination.  This examination is designed to assess whether a candidate is able to demonstrate the minimum knowledge necessary to practice rehabilitation counseling in a wide variety of work settings and provide service to a wide range of individuals with disabilities.  Decisions were also guided by a desire to streamline criteria, be flexible and inclusive, honor the philosophy of rehabilitation and approach to disability, and to consider contemporary employee and employer workforce needs. 

CRCC believes these new criteria have accomplished these goals.  They provide pathways for professionals entering the rehabilitation counseling profession to become certified and ascribe to the professional practices of continual learning and adherence to ethical practice.

We welcome you to view these new CRC eligibility criteria that are scheduled to take effect in late spring 2019 for individuals applying for the March 2020 examination.  Additional information for educators and applicants will be available in the coming months.

Yours in service to the profession,

~ The CRCC Board of Directors