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CRCC ASPIRE is an online platform connecting employers who value the CRC in their hiring practices with highly qualified CRCs; those currently in the process of achieving CRC certification; and, other interested rehabilitation counseling professionals.

For CRCs and Job Seekers:

  • Easy access – view current job postings.
  • Valued jobs - view open job listings specific to the rehabilitation counseling profession and the CRC credential.
  • Online response – respond directly to employers for jobs of interest.

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For Employers:

  • Easy access – post a job by completing a form.
  • Best talent – hire the best candidates from the only online job platform with direct access to nearly 15,000 active CRCs.
  • No cost – Post your job listings for free!

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CRCC ASPIRE is open to all CRCs; rehabilitation counseling professionals; and, all employers who value the advanced education, training, and disability-specific expertise signified by the CRC credential.