Principles of Case Management in the State/Federal Vocational Rehabilitation Setting

Principles of Case Management in the State/Federal Vocational Rehabilitation Setting

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The goal of this course is to help you develop your case management skills. Each unit presents a different aspect of case management.


Case management and caseload management are often confused as the same thing, but they represent two distinct skill sets. Case management is focused on the individual and his or her specific needs, whereas caseload management is a skill required to successfully orchestrate and balance the demands of all people on your caseload. 

The primary focus of this course is case management and decision-making in individual cases. Case management is a skill that helps individuals with disabilities through the state rehabilitation process in a timely and highly informative manner. With increased demands on state rehabilitation systems and growing caseloads, case management is a skill that rehabilitation counselors can develop to better navigate the complexities and demands of their role.

You’ll analyze a series of scenarios focusing on case management. These learning activities are designed to help you apply the content presented in the course and identify ways you can enhance your case management skills. Feedback is provided for each learning activity.



Michelle McKnight-Lizotte, PhD, CRC, LPC   (click here for Dr. McKnight-Lizotte's bio)

Trenton Landon, PhD, CRC   (click here for Dr. Landon's bio)


Knowledge Check is included in each unit of the course. When you submit your answers, you’ll immediately receive feedback. You must achieve a minimum performance level of 70% (34 of 49 questions correctly answered) to successfully complete the courseOnce the knowledge check quizzes have been successfully completed, CE credit will be awarded.



  • Employer Engagement
  • Job Placement Provision: Key Factors and Challenges
  • Motivational Interviewing and Individual Placement and Support Tools
  • Transition: Creating a Career Exploration Curriculum
  • Vocational Evaluation: What Do You Want to Know?
  • Youth Services Partnerships: Independent Living


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