Continuing Education

To maintain certification, CRCs and CCRCs must renew their certification every 5 years via continuing education or re-examination (CRCs only).

Continuing Education (CE)

The continuing education requirement mandates the following:

  • 100 hours of continuing education – including a minimum of 10 hours in Ethics - must be completed within the current five-year period.
  • Although professional development is NOT a requirement, if you take continuing education that falls in the area of professional development, a maximum of 50 hours out of the required 100 hours.
  • CRCs/CCRCs must also ensure that all CE activities for certification renewal fall within one or more designated Focus Areas outlined in the CRC/CCRC Criteria for Certification Renewal and Continuing Education Manual. Visit the CE Providers page for more details.
  • All CE must be submitted through the CRCC Online Portal.
  • Completion dates of CE hours (CEUs) submitted for the current renewal cycle MUST fall within certificant's current five-year period.
  • It is highly recommended that certificants submit continuing education hours as they are completed.
  • CRCC reviews all CRC/CCRC continuing education submissions for eligibility towards certification renewal.

Refer to specific information regarding CE criteria, documentation, and submission as detailed in CRC/CCRC Criteria for Certification Renewal and Continuing Education.

View or Print CRC/CCRC Criteria for Certification Renewal and Continuing Education Manual


The CRC/CCRC Continuing Education Guide is a helpful checklist that highlights the types of programs and activities that qualify for CRC/CCRC CE credit as well as the corresponding number of CE hours. It also provides money-saving tips to help minimize continuing education costs. CRCs/CCRCs are encouraged to use the Guide both for planning their CE programs and to check for completed activities that may already qualify for CE credits.

View or Print CRC/CCRC Continuing Education Guide




CRCC's own brand of quality, affordable, convenient online continuing education. 

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  • All CRCC e-UNIVERSITY courses are pre-approved for all CRCC certifications.
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CE from Other Vendors

Pre-Approved CE

Pre-approved CE programs have been reviewed and approved by CRCC as qualifying for CE credit in advance. As such, pre-approved CE programs require less documentation without submission fees. It is incumbent upon each CRC/CCRC to verify that CE programs have been pre-approved by CRCC. Pre-Approved CE must be submitted through the CRCC Online Portal.

Post-Approved CE

CRCC will also approve continuing education activities for CRCs/CCRCs on a post-attendance basis. Such post-approval programs require a $15 fee per program. To secure CRCC approval after a program has been completed, submit an online Post-Approval CE Application along with documentation of the activity and the $15 fee per program review fee. Post-Approved CE must be submitted through the CRCC Online Portal. 

For information concerning different categories of post-approval of CE credits, click here to view the Required Documentation.

Providers with Pre-Approved CE Programs

CRCC's list of Continuing Education (CE) Providers with Pre-Approved Programs can be accessed below. The list features providers that offer one or more programs that have been reviewed and approved by CRCC as qualifying for CRC/CCRC CE credit. For more information visit the CE Providers page.

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