Application & Fees FAQs

Visit the Forms & Fees page for more information.

How and when do I apply?

Applicants can complete the entire application online. Once you have created an account with CRCC, you should see the Apply for the CRC Exam link in the My CRCC Links on the right side of your account page.

Is the application packet totally online?

Required forms need to be accessed from the Forms & Fees page and uploaded to the CRCC Online Portal. Applicants are encouraged to access and complete forms well in advance of submitting an application through the CRCC Online Portal.

What happens if I submit an incomplete application?

If an application does not include all required information or documentation, it will be considered incomplete and eligibility will not be able to be determined. Your eligibility determination will be delayed pending complete information, which will delay your ability to test in the testing cycle for which you applied. CRCC will notify the applicant of missing information and documentation.

If I am a student applying for CRC certification, when do I mail my transcript?

An official transcript indicating the granting of your degree must be provided to CRCC after you have graduated. Upon receipt of the official transcript, CRCC will mail the examination results packet and award the CRC certification to candidates who obtained a passing score on the examination.

What is required for verification of any examination accommodations I will need?

Requests for accommodations must be made at the time of application. All requests for exam accommodations will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis without penalty. The candidate must complete the Test Accommodation Request Form and submit it in conjunction with documentation as outlined in the CRC Certification Guide.

How much money do I need to submit with my application?

The application fee for all categories is $410. This fee covers the application and examination fees. If you are deemed ineligible to sit for the exam, $100 will be refunded to you.