CRC Exam Preparation & Results FAQs

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How do I prepare for the certification examination?

CRCC offers a CRC Interactive Practice Test to assist candidates as they prepare to take the CRC Exam. The practice test contains 50 items representative of content on a live CRC Exam and is taken online at any time. The practice test provides correct answers, rationale, and related references for each of the 50 items and may be taken in both Test and Study modes. It is available for $39.99 through the CRCC e-UNIVERSITY catalog.

NOTE: CRCC does not endorse or recommend study guides or CRC Exam preparation materials that may be available on the market, as we have not been involved in their development and therefore cannot attest to the accuracy or comprehensive nature of the content contained in those materials.

Additionally, the CRC Certification Guide include information about examination content, sample questions and a reading list.

What is the length of the exam?

The exam consists of 175 multiple-choice questions administered during an allotted three-and-a-half hours. Candidates should set aside four hours, which includes time for check-in, instructions, and a tutorial on the computer to become familiar with the computer system.

How is the exam scored?

The examination is scored using a conjunctive scoring model whereby the examination is divided into two parts. One part tests knowledge with regard to counseling and the other part tests knowledge with regard to rehabilitation and disability issues. Candidates must achieve a passing score on both parts in order to pass the examination. Because of the need for security there are multiple forms of examinations, each containing a different combination of questions. The passing scores cannot be set as specific raw scores, or numbers of questions answered correctly, because some of these forms may be slightly easier or more difficult than others. Therefore, requiring the same raw scores to pass the different forms would not be fair to all examinees.

A statistical procedure called equating is used to adjust for any differences in the level of difficulty among examination forms. Once the examination forms have been equated, a procedure called scaling is used to convert the actual number of correct answers, or raw scores, to a uniform scale. These converted scores are called scaled scores. Scaled scores ensure that all examinees demonstrate the same level of ability in order to pass the examination.

When will results be available?

Test results are provided to candidates at the test site following completion of the exam. Candidates will receive a score report indicating a pass or fail status. Exam results packets are expected to be mailed to candidates approximately four weeks from the close of the testing window.

Category G applicants must submit their official transcript reflecting the granting of their degree and including successful completion of their 600-hour internship before CRCC is able to release the examination results packet and officially award the CRC certification.