Eligibility Requirements FAQs

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How do I determine if I am eligible to take the certification examination?

Eligibility criteria are outlined in detail in Section 4 of the CRC Certification Guide. Reviewing information in the guide will allow candidates to make a reasonable self-assessment of their eligibility prior to completing an application.

If I am deemed ineligible to take the certification examination, is there an appeal process?

CRCC's appeals process is available without cost or penalty to any candidate who feels that the eligibility criteria for certification have been inaccurately, inconsistently, or unfairly applied. For more information, see the CRC Certification Guide.

Where can I obtain the education to be eligible to sit for the CRC exam?

To find master's degree programs in rehabilitation counseling, visit www.cacrep.org.  Click the Find button in the "Find CACREP Programs" section on the CACREP home page.  Use their searchable directory to locate accredited master's degree programs in rehabilitation counseling or clinical rehabilitation counseling.  Degrees and coursework from programs not accredited by CACREP may also qualify toward eligibility for CRC certification.

How do I know if my course work is acceptable?

Course Definitions can be found in Section 5 of the CRC Certification Guide. These definitions will help you identify acceptable coursework. CRCC recommends that you review the definitions to make a reasonable self-assessment as to how well the course descriptions and course syllabi meet the definitions.