CRC Exam Preparation

The CRC Interactive Practice Test is a 50 multiple-choice question Practice Test designed to assist candidates as they prepare to take the Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC) Exam.

The CRC Interactive Practice Test:

  • is taken online in the comfort of your own home or office

  • contains one set of 50 multiple-choice questions representative of content on the actual CRC Exam

  • provides correct answers, rationale, and related references for each of the 50 questions

  • may be completed in the test mode or study mode

  • may be purchased for the special price of $27.99.*

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Practice Test Content

The 50 questions of the CRC Interactive Practice Test have been retired from previous CRC exams. These questions have been specifically selected to be reasonably representative of the content and statistical properties of the actual CRC Exam.

Note: While the questions within the CRC Interactive Practice Test may address a specific theory or specific disability, they are, by no means, the only theories and disabilities covered in an actual CRC Exam.

The CRC Interactive Practice Test spans 12 domains or content areas underlying rehabilitation counseling. These are the same domains covered in the CRC Exam:

  • Professional Orientation and Ethical Practice

  • Counseling Theories, Techniques, and Evidence-Based Practice

  • Group and Family Counseling

  • Crisis and Trauma Counseling and Interventions

  • Medical and Psychosocial Aspects of Chronic Illness and Disability

  • Assessment, Occupational Analysis, and Service Implementation

  • Career Development and Job Placement

  • Demand-Side Employer Engagement

  • Community Resources and Partnerships

  • Case Management 

  • Health Care and Disability Management

  • Research, Methodology, and Performance Management

Practice Test Modes

The CRC Interactive Practice Test may be completed in test mode and study mode. 

Test Mode

This mode automatically advances to the next question of the CRC Interactive Practice Test as soon as an answer is selected. The feedback provides information whether the answer selected is correct or incorrect. A pass or fail status is not provided.

Study Mode

This mode provides the option of receiving immediate feedback about the question. The domain area is identified and the rationale behind the correct answer is also provided. Each question includes a list of references for further study on the general content area of the question.

Practice Test Scoring

The live CRC Exam is scored using a conjunctive scoring model whereby the exam is divided into two sections - counseling and rehabilitation/disability. Similarly, the CRC Interactive Practice Test includes questions on both counseling and rehabilitation/disability issues. For more detailed information about the CRC Exam, see the CRC Certification Guide. The Practice Test will not provide a pass or fail status but will provide the number of questions answered correctly in both the counseling and rehabilitation/disability sections in comparison to the total number of questions in each section.

NOTE: Use of the CRC Interactive Practice Test is not required to pursue or obtain CRC Certification and does not guarantee success on the CRC Exam. Furthermore, CRCC does not endorse or recommend other study guides or CRC Exam preparation materials that may be available on the market as we have not been involved in their development and therefore cannot attest to the accuracy or comprehensive nature of the content contained in those materials.

*This fee is non-refundable.