CE Programs for CVE/CWA/CCAA

The CVE/CWA/CCAA Continuing Education (CE) Providers with Pre-Approved Programs document lists providers offering one or more pre-approved CE programs. These CE programs have already been reviewed and approved by CRCC as qualifying for CVE/CWA/CCAA CE hours.

Please note that providers on this list may also offer programs that are NOT pre-approved for CVE/CWA/CCAA CE credit, but may qualify on a post-approval basis. Submission for post-approval CE requires an additional form as well as a processing fee. CVEs/CWAs/CCAAs should contact providers directly for program details and to verify pre-approval status for their designation.

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Featured CE Providers

The following CE Providers have paid a fee to be listed directly on this website. This does not guarantee that the organizations have applied for pre-approval of their continuing education courses, seminars, or conferences. The list is provided by CRCC as an additional service to its CVEs/CWAs/CCAAs and is not meant as an endorsement of the programs or services the organization provides.

Company: AAACEUs.com
Contact Name: Matthew Hayman
Address: 3900 S. Wadsworth Blvd, Suite 415, Lakewood, CO 80235
Phone Number: 866-850-5999
E-Mail Address: customer.service@AAACEUs.com
Web Site: https://www.aaaceus.com/CVE-Certified-Vocational-Evaluator-Specialists.asp

Company: American Schools Association
Contact Name: Carl M. Dye
Address: PO Box 577820, Chicago, IL 60657-7820
Phone Number: 773-782-0046 or 800-230-2263
Fax Number: 773-782-0113
E-Mail Address: asaceu@hotmail.com
Web Site: http://www.asaceu.com