Diabetes: Implications for Rehabilitation Counselors

Diabetes: Implications for Rehabilitation Counselors

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This course is designed to provide rehabilitation counselors information about diabetes. Workplace facilitators associated with managing diabetes and resources to be shared with clients are included in the course.


 According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), over 29 million people in the United States have diabetes, up from the previous estimate of 26 million in 2010 (CDC, 2014). Every year about 1.7 million new patients are diagnosed with this disease, and one in four people with it go undiagnosed. By 2050, one in three adults in the United States could have diabetes. These individuals face an increased risk of serious health complications, such as vision loss, heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, amputation (toes, feet, or legs), and premature death.  Although diabetes is a serious disease, it can be managed via physical activity, diet, and appropriate use of insulin and oral medications to lower blood sugar (glucose) levels. In 2012, direct medical care of this disease cost $176 billion, while $69 billion in indirect costs accrued from work absences, restricted activity, disability, and early death.

 Identifying the common symptoms of diabetes and recognizing the importance of early diagnosis and disease management are key concepts presented in this course. The psychosocial aspects of a diagnosis of diabetes are discussed. Three case studies help you apply what you are learning.


 Chung-yi Chiu, PhD, CRC, LPC

 Monica K. Campbell, EdM

When you submit your answers to the Knowledge Checks, you’ll immediately receive feedback. You must achieve a minimum performance level of 70% (25 of 35 questions correctly answered) to successfully complete the courseOnce the Knowledge Check quizzes have been successfully completed, CE credit will be awarded.


 Ethics: Support Network Involvement


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