CRCs Make a Difference for Students with Disabilities

With extensive knowledge, skill, and training specific to disability, CRCs use a holistic approach in working closely with students with disabilities to develop and implement optimal and inclusive accommodation plans that support student success and empowerment.

CRCs focus on ensuring an equal college experience for the whole student by identifying and eliminating barriers affecting student performance and well-being, enabling students with disabilities to more successfully navigate their college experience.

Experts in Disability

CRCs are the only professionals educated, trained, and nationally certified in all aspects of disability, across all types of health conditions. 


  • Know what to look for;
  • Know what questions to ask;
  • Are familiar with medical diagnoses; and,
  • Know how to approach and talk comfortably with students across all topics involving disability.


Holistic Approach

CRCs value the whole student, embracing a holistic approach in assessing and identifying all necessary supports and services for students with disabilities. 


  • Understand the full range of functional impacts of disability;
  • Are experts in assessing strengths and weaknesses;
  • Are committed to full inclusion;
  • Emphasize self-sufficiency and self-advocacy; and, 
  • Understand that addressing all needs of the student is paramount to student success and empowerment.


Optimized, Inclusive Accommodation Plans

CRCs bring all the pieces together to identify and coordinate all necessary accommodations to ensure students are successful throughout their college careers. 


  • Understand both the functional and emotional impacts of disability;
  • Are skilled at breaking down tasks to develop comprehensive accommodations;
  • Are knowledgeable in assistive technology and tools;
  • Are knowledgeable in ADA laws, regulations, and 504 plans;
  • Maintain access to qualified professionals for additional supports; and,
  • Can work with faculty to train and inform in areas of disability awareness.