Evidence-Based Practices in Rehabilitation Counseling Case Management

Evidence-Based Practices in Rehabilitation Counseling Case Management

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This CRCC e-UNIVERSITY course introduces and serves as a foundation for evidence-based practices (EBPs) in vocational rehabilitation (VR) case management.  You will examine the current state of EBP in VR service delivery, utilize steps to determine the best clinical evidence from systematic research to improve VR service delivery, gain an understanding of the challenges and barriers to EBP implementation, and close the gap between research and practice through knowledge translation.

Increasing demand for limited resources puts pressure on rehabilitation counselors to justify VR services. The general effectiveness of vocational rehabilitation counseling has been empirically demonstrated. However, there is a serious lack of specific EBP that accurately define what specific VR services produce employment outcomes for individuals with disabilities.

This course focuses on how to demonstrate the effectiveness of VR service provision through the identification and implementation of EBP designed to enhance employment and quality of life outcomes for individuals with disabilities. 

The learning activities are designed to help you apply the content presented in the course and identify ways you can enhance your own use of EBP. You’ll begin by outlining the importance of evidence-based practice in rehabilitation counseling case management especially as this relates to stakeholders and funding sources. You’ll also distinguish the critical elements of EBP development. Finally, you’ll compare and contrast effectiveness and efficacy in case management.

Applying research-based methods to case management requires an appreciation for the quality of that research. You’ll compare and contrast the hierarchical levels of evidence and formulate evidence-based practice questions. You’ll also articulate how you think EBP may improve your practice. Determine your readiness to engage in EBP in your case management and describe barriers you have encountered when considering the use of EBP. Using the Knowledge-to-Action model, you’ll learn to facilitate the process of acquiring, applying and sharing new knowledge about EBP. Finally, you’ll determine ways to close the gap between the research and practice of delivering services to people with disabilities.

You must achieve a minimum performance level of 70% on the Knowledge Checks to successfully complete the course.

Roy J. Del Valle, PhD, CRC (click here for Dr. Del Valle's bio)
Cayte Anderson, PhD, CRC (click here for Dr. Anderson's bio)                                           

Once the knowledge check quizzes have been successfully completed, CE credit will be awarded.


  • Ethics: Case Management
  • Principles of Case Management in the State/Federal VR Setting
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Case Management Issues and Strategies


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