Motivational Interviewing and Individual Placement and Support Tools

Motivational Interviewing and Individual Placement and Support Tools

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Provide strategies for rehabilitation counselors to assist individuals with ambivalence about working, to either obtain or sustain jobs, specifically:

  • Understand essential components of individual placement and support (IPS) and motivational interviewing;
  • Understand and utilize the Intervention Matching Framework when initially conceptualizing an employment case;
  • Complete and apply the Stages of Change Interview for Seeking Competitive Employment;
  • Understand and complete the tool, Ups and Downs for Getting a Job, and the Ready, Able, Willing, and Resource Ruler;
  • Understand and complete the Employment Questionnaire, a tool to help an individual identify reasons for pursuing employment;
  • Understand and complete the Employment Change Worksheet, which helps an individual identify the changes needed to pursue employment;
  • Complete the Job Plan with a virtual client, which helps an individual list the steps needed to pursue and obtain employment; and
  • Comprehend how to better apply these tools.


IPS provides effective services for individuals determined to locate employment; however, it lacks components to intervene with individuals demonstrating ambivalence about finding and continuing work after they start IPS. To address employment ambivalence, a service package including IPS and MI (Motivational Interviewing) tools has been created. Six user-friendly tools incorporating IPS and MI have been created for rehabilitation counselors engaged in employment services for individuals with severe mental illness. Components of this course are based on: Larson, J.E. (2008). User-friendly motivational interviewing and evidence-based supported employment tools for practitioners. Journal of Rehabilitation, 74(4), 18-30.

NOTE: This course requires download and viewing of a pdf (portable document format). For a FREE download of Adobe Reader, go to


Jonathon E. Larson, EdD, CRC, LCPC   (click here for Dr. Larson's bio)


At the end of this course, there will be a final examination. Once successfully completed, CE credit will be awarded.



  • Job Placement Provision: Key Factors and Challenges
  • Principles of Case Management in the State/Federal Vocational Rehabilitation Setting
  • Transition: Creating a Career-Exploration Curriculum
  • Using DSM-5 and ICF Tools to Understand Client Cultural and Environmental Perspectives
  • Vocational Evaluation: What Do You Want to Know?
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Case Management Issues and Strategies


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