CVE/CWA/CCAA Designations

Welcome to the online resource for those individuals currently certified as:
CVE Certified Vocational Evaluation Specialist
CWA Certified Work Adjustment Specialist
CCAA Certified Career Assessment Associate

The Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification (CRCC) is dedicated to the preservation and maintenance of CVE, CWA, and CCAA credentials via:

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Continuing Education Tools Help Save Time and Money

The CVE/CWA/CCAA Continuing Education Guide is a helpful checklist that highlights the types of programs and activities that qualify for CE credit as well as the corresponding number of CE hours. It also provides money-saving tips to help minimize continuing education costs. Be sure to check if you have already completed activities that qualify for CE credits!

View or Print CVE/CWA/CCAA Continuing Education, A Guide to Meeting Your Requirements

CVE/CWA/CCAA Continuing Education (CE) Providers with Pre-Approved Programs is a list of providers that offer one or more programs that have been reviewed and approved by CRCC as qualifying for CVE/CWA/CCAA CE credit.

Please note that providers on this list may also offer programs that are NOT pre-approved for CVE/CWA/CCAA CE credit, but may qualify on a post-approval basis. Submission for post-approval CE requires an additional form as well as a processing fee. CVEs/CWAs/CCAAs should contact providers directly for program details and to verify pre-approval status for their designation.

View or Print CVE/CWA/CCAA CE Providers with Pre-Approved Programs

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CRCC Online Tutorials!

To help guide you through the online processes, CRCC has developed several tutorials, which are easily viewed by clicking on the graphic images below.

Tutorial play buttons are also located on all Continuing Education and Certification Renewal pages throughout the CRCC website, and within the CRCC Online Portal.