Workplace Recognition

Increasing Recognition of the CRC Credential Among Employers

CRC certification is an important distinction in the workplace. For employers, CRC certification acknowledges counselor preparation and education to provide vocational, personal, and mental health counseling to individuals with disabilities. Specifically, CRC certification:
  • signifies a higher level of career-specific education,
  • demonstrates that certified individuals meet acceptable national standards,
  • establishes a level of competency for employee hiring and evaluation,
  • promulgates adherence to a code of ethical practice,
  • ensures a commitment to ongoing career training and development, and
  • provides counselors who specialize in working with individuals with a range of disabling conditions.

CRCC advocates to facilitate employer understanding and recognition of the significant benefits associated with the CRC designation in both their hiring and staffing practices.

Expanding Workplace Opportunities

CRC Exam Eligibility Category R enables employees with a broader range of backgrounds the opportunity to qualify for the CRC Exam, thus providing employers with a means by which to facilitate and support a higher level of qualification within their organization. In ongoing communication with employers, CRCC promotes the benefits of Category R and the importance of CRC certification in providing quality services to individuals with disabilities.