Roxanna Pebdani

Roxanna Pebdani


Dr. Roxanna Pebdani is an Assistant Professor in the Division of Special Education and Rehabilitation at California State University Los Angeles. She has taught courses on the Introduction to Rehabilitation Services; Measurement Issues in Counseling; the Psychology of Disability; the Social, Psychological, and Attitudinal Aspects of Disability; and Multicultural Issues in Counseling and Professional Services, among many others. Dr. Pebdani is the author/co-author of 6 refereed manuscripts, 5 book chapters, and 18 presentations, most of which lie at the intersections of rehabilitation counseling, diseases such as multiple sclerosis, disability accommodations, and human sexuality.


CRCC e-UNIVERSITY courses developed and taught by Dr. Pebdani:

  •  Sexuality and Disability


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