Now Is The Time

Earning your CRC sets you apart to both employers and clients by demonstrating a commitment to professional excellence.

CRC Certification Makes a Difference

CRCs - Certified Rehabilitation Counselors - are the only professionals nationally and independently certified to serve individuals with disabilities and the companies/businesses who employ them.

Earning your CRC credential:

  • Signifies a higher level of competency.
  • Distinguishes you from other counseling professionals.
  • Opens the door for career opportunities.

The Standard for Excellence

The CRC credential signifies to employers and clients, that you:

  • Have met stringent eligibility requirements, including advanced education and work experience specific to serving individuals with disabilities;
  • Have passed the nationally recognized CRC Examination;
  • Adhere to a rigid Code of Professional Ethics for Rehabilitation Counselors; and,
  • Continue to expand your skills and stay current through ongoing continuing education.

CRCC View Books

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CRC Certification: Invest In Your Career
Importance of CRC certification to a career in rehabilitation counseling, including CRC benefits, employer recognition, expanded career opportunities, ethical practice, and lifelong learning.

Get CRC-Certified: Make a Difference
Information about the CRC Exam, including content and structure, exam scoring, eligibility requirements, application process, preparation, and taking the exam.