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Be sure to check out these important resources that showcase the rehabilitation counseling profession and the value and benefits of CRC certification.


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CRC Certification:
It Makes a Difference
The Art of
Rehabilitation Counseling
CRCs share the value and benefits of being CRC certified and the difference it's made in their careers. CRCs share what rehabilitation counselors do for individuals with disabilities.
ICE Video
Credentialing: What is It
and Why is It Important
Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE) presents the importance of credentialing in increasing public safety and ensuring quality services.


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CRC Certification: Invest In Your Career
Importance of CRC certification to a career in rehabilitation counseling, including CRC benefits, employer recognition, expanded career opportunities, ethical practice, and lifelong learning.

Get CRC-Certified: Make a Difference
Information about the CRC Exam, including content and structure, exam scoring, eligibility requirements, application process, preparation, and taking the exam. 

CRC Exam - Student Application Quick Guide and Checklist

A handy step-by-step overview to assist master's-level rehabilitation counseling students in the CRC Exam application process, including all required forms and documentation. Click here to view and download.

Career Series Pdfs

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CRC Certification
Underscores the importance of being certified as a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC). Includes certification requirements, benefits, and distinctions.

CRC Certification & Licensure: What You Should Know
Difference between certification and licensure, the importance of each, and their interrelationship.

Organizations Serving the Rehabilitation Counseling Profession
Accreditation, certification, and membership organizations as well as Federal Agencies that support the profession. Includes links to organization websites.

Rehabilitation Counseling Scope of Practice
Identifies knowledge and skills required for the provision of services to individuals with disabilities. Includes assumptions, underlying values, Scope of Practice Statement, and selected definitions.

The Rehabilitation Counseling Profession
Important factors and dynamics that may influence career choices and options. Includes areas of specialty, work settings, and the career benefits of CRC certification.

Trends in Rehabilitation Counseling
Key trends impacting the rehabilitation counseling profession.

CRC Interactive Practice Test

Developed by CRCC, this online practice test provides 50 multiple choice questions representative of content on the CRC Exam. For each question, the CRC Interactive Practice Test provides correct the answer, rationale, and related references for further study on the general content area of the question.

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