Welcome Students

As a master's-level rehabilitation counseling student, you are about to embark on a fulfilling career serving individuals with disabilities - Congratulations!

Invest in Your Career ...

CRC certification is the highest level of credentialing in rehabilitation counseling. CRCs - Certified Rehabilitation Counselors - are the only professionals nationally and independently certified to serve individuals with disabilities and the companies/businesses who employ them.

Now is the time! Students who earn the CRC designation possess a marketable and valued credential that distinguishes them from all other counseling professions.

  • The CRC credential helps to establish your professional identity, which is particularly important as you enter the workforce.
  • CRC certification establishes a recognizable point of differentiation with both employers and clients.
  • Earning your CRC can lead to job placements, faster career advancement, greater earning potential, and referrals from both medical and non-medical professionals.


... a Rewarding Career

According to the 2014 American Counseling Association Counselor Compensation Study, Rehabilitation Counselors are paid better and receive better benefits than other professional counselors.

Better Pay!

Rehabilitation Counselors are the most highly paid counseling specialty on average, earning over $13,000 more than Clinical Mental Health Counselors, Mental Health Counselors, or Community Counselors, on average across most geographies.

Better Benefits!

Rehabilitation Counselors receive better overall benefits than other professional counselors, including employee retirement plans, medical coverage, dental, vision, and short-term and long-term disability.