Terms and Conditions

CRCC's online professional directories list individuals certified through CRCC. They are resources to identify and select certified individuals qualified by education, training, and experience. The only permitted uses of these directories are:

  1. To confirm certification status.
  2. For personal use to locate certified individuals to consult about services.
  3. For professional purposes such as client referrals.

CRCC monitors the use of these services. None of the information in these directories may be copied, downloaded, republished, resold, duplicated, or “scraped,” in whole or in part, for any purpose other than the uses permitted above. Use of any of the information obtained from these directories to solicit certified individuals listed in these directories for commercial or other purposes is prohibited.

CRCC undertakes reasonable efforts to keep the information contained in these online professional directories accurate; however, CRCC makes no representations or warranties of any nature with respect to the information obtained through this website including, and without limitation, the implied warranties of outcomes.